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Digital Publications Indexing SIG, a Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing

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Web Indexing Discussion Group

Chat Session Transcript

ASI Digital Publications Indexing SIG Google Group (members only) - as of Dec 7, 2016 - replaces Yahoo! Group below

Before December 2016, the Digital Publications Indexing SIG sponsored an online discussion group: Web & Electronic Indexing on Yahoo Groups. (This group was created on January 30, 2005, so there are no messages prior to that date.) You simply need to join Yahoo first and sign in. It is archived as another closed Google Group for members only was created for ASI Digital Pubications Indexing SIG by December 2016.

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Web Indexing is associated with the Digital Publications Indexing SIG of the American Society for Indexing, although membership in the Digital Publications Indexing SIG is not a requirement for joining this group.

Web Indexing is an open forum for professional indexers who specialize in writing indexes for Web sites. Indexers interested in learning about Web indexing, and Web site creators/editors interested in indexing are also welcome to join this group. We welcome discussions of techniques, standards, software tools, client-indexer relations, and marketing specific to Web indexing. Other topics for discussion may include taxonomies and other nonalphabetical methods of classifying information with Web sites, online indexes of periodicals, and human indexing/categorizing of multiple Web sites on the Web.

This discussion group is also used for the posting of requests of web site index peer reviews.

Chat Session Transcript

You might also be interested in viewing the transcript of IndexStudents list's online chat session on Web Indexing led by Seth Maislin on May 19, 2004.

This Group is dead. It has only been posted to once per year since 2013.

Other Discussion Groups

Digital Publishing (epub)

American Society for Indexing Press Release

The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) Approves Indexes Working Group

Wheat Ridge, CO - (February 3, 2012) The American Society for Indexing (ASI) is proud to report that at the end of January 2012, the IDPF approved the Indexes Charter Proposal to establish an Indexes Working Group. The proposal was approved by a vote of 69 yes, 1 no, and 1 abstention.

The Indexes Working Group is now identifying additional participants and setting its meeting calendar and agenda. Any representative of an IDPF organization member (the IDPF consists of 300+ publishers, organizations, software & device developers, etc.) can participate and a small number of invited experts, who are not IDPF representatives, can also be included. It is hoped that participants will include representatives of publishers, eReader developers, software tool developers, and librarians, as well as indexers who have experience with technologies, such as XML, HTML, and online & web indexing. Interested parties should contact David K. Ream, co-chair of ASI's DTTF at

The Indexes Charter Proposal team, consisting of ASI Digital Trends Task Force (DTTF) members and IDPF members, completed the proposal ( in late November 2011 after public peer review in the U.S. and internationally. At a December meeting, the IDPF board had unanimously approved putting the Indexes Charter Proposal to a vote by the full membership.

The American Society for Indexing ( established the Digital Trends Task Force in mid-2011. One goal was to influence the inclusion of indexes in eBooks. To achieve this end, ASI became a member of the IDPF ( and began working on a proposal to better integrate indexes as components of eBooks formatted using EPUB 3.0.

For information on the activities of the DTTF beyond the EPUB standard,
, or

ASI Store: David Ream - EPUB Webinar $25/$40


Taxonomy Community of Practice
The taxonomy community of practice is a forum to communicate ideas, techniques and experiences in deriving, applying and maintaining taxonomies. Members include practitioners of various backgrounds and responsibilities: consultants, taxonomists, indexers, content managers, knowledge management professionals, librarians, and others.
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Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies SIG

This is the discussion group of the members of American Society for Indexing Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies Special Interest Group. These are individuals with an interest or background in indexing who create or edit taxonomies for external clients or audiences, either as freelancers/consultants or as in-house developers of taxonomies/controlled vocabularies for externally offered (sold) information sources. Individuals who are not members of the SIG or the American Society for Indexing but are regularly involved in taxonomy/controlled vocabulary work may join the discussion group on a case-by-case basis, approved by the moderator. For advice on taxonomies, however, please join the Taxonomy Community of Practice Group instead. Subscribe via the Web site or send a blank message to:

Taxonomy Community of Practice LinkedIn Group

ASI Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies SIG LinkedIn Group

Faceted Classification

Faceted Classification Discussion
This list discusses how to classify, set up a classification process, classification tools, ethics--everything related to doing faceted classification.
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Web Design

Originally created in early 1997 to address both “page design” and “site architecture,” the list has “grown organically to cover most any topic related to the Web as a profession or as a labor of love.” It has a rather high volume of messages, some of which are rather technical with respect to Web development.

highfivebabble or Babbelist
A Yahoo group established in 2000, with over 1365 members.
“This mailing list is geared to advanced Web design and development issues, and includes a lively exchange of information, resources, and exploration of the numerous aspects of our industry.” Message volume is not as great as it was previously.

A discussion list for designers, developers, and Web managers. It’s affiliated with the Web site, an advertising collection of articles and resources.

Sitepoint forums
A collection of numerous specialized forums on Web site design, programming, and marketing.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

General Indexing

INDEX-L - essentially dead (2/day)
INDEX-L is a mailing list that was created to promote good indexing practice by providing a forum for aspiring and professional indexers to share information and ideas relating to all aspects of index preparation. Topics for discussion can include various types of index structures such as indexes for books, periodicals, online text, databases, or hypermedia. Participants include but are not limited to members of professional indexer organizations (ASI, NFAIS), librarians, library school faculty, and editors.
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Moderator: Ilana Kingsley

Indexers' Discussion Group (IDG) - ex Indexers' Discussion List (IDL) on Yahoo! Groups til March 2016 - most active (20/day)
A list for indexers of books, Websites, or any other media. All indexing-related topics are discussed, including tools, ergonomics, work habits, finding jobs, starting and managing an indexing business, etc. No profanity or unprofessional behavior will be tolerated. This list will be unmoderated but the list owner will keep watch on list activities and maintain order and professionalism. New members will, however, be moderated for a short time in order to prevent spamming and/or inappropriate postings.
Subscribe via the Web site. The list this came from is Yahoo! Group Indexers Discussion List which is now inactive.

Indexer Network
LinkedIn Group

Indexstudents is for anyone interested in learning to index books, magazines, databases and the World Wide Web. Discussion will involve the following issues: indexing courses (including the USDA and Society of Indexers courses, college courses, and video instruction), starting a freelance indexing business, marketing, time management, continuing education, etc.

List membership is open to both beginning and experienced indexers, as well as course instructors/teachers. Experienced indexers are encouraged to participate by offering insight to beginners based on experience. The list has a number of sporadic or regular education exercises, including practical experience with term selection, and index editing. These are subject to change at any time.
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Research Cooperative - Indexers
A focus group for all aspects of indexing for all media, including:
(1) methods: metadata, taxonomy, thesaurus construction, manual construction, and automation;
(2) working relationships between authors, publishers and indexers; and
(3) professional training and development for indexers

Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Indexers mailing list for news announcements for Australian indexers, librarians, information managers and archivists in book, online and metadata.


A support forum for CINDEX software users.

SKY Index

Macrex-UCB Online Discussion Group
A support forum for Macrex software users.

Science and Medicine

There is a Science and Medicine Indexing SIG at American Society for Indexing both very related to Web and electronic indexing.

Information Architecture (IA)

Sydney IA-Peers
A group of UX (user experience) and usability professionals in Sydney area, Australia, who hold regular meetups and an annual conference Oz-IA.

The IA Institute's Members Discussion List
Members of the Web Indexing SIG are eligible to join this members-only list, as part of the partnership between the Information Architecture Institute and the Web Indexing SIG.

This is the discussion list affiliated with Information Architecture SIG of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T). You don’t have to be a member of the SIG to join the list. This is the leading discussion forum of information architects worldwide. It is a large group, and the number of postings is similar to that of Index-L.

Usability and Computer-Human Interaction (CHI or HCI)

This is the discussion list affiliated with Human Computer Interaction SIG of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T). You don’t have to be a member of the SIG to join the list.

Semantic Web

Suggestions for contributions to this page should be sent to .

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