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Digital Publications Indexing SIG, a Special Interest Group of the American Society for indexing


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Member Benefits

Membership Eligibility

Step 1: Join an indexing society

Join the Digital Publications Indexing SIG (Special Interest Group) via joining one or more of:

or affiliated indexing societies:

Prior indexing expertise is not required, as membership in the SIG is considered an opportunity to expand one's knowledge of digital publications indexing.

Join or Renew

Step 2: Join our SIG

Once a member of one of the indexing societies, membership is $5 USD/year.

There are no life memberships and life memberships from the old Web & Electronic Indexing SIG do not transfer across. (May 7, 2017, Webmaster)

Please join our SIG by adding Digital Publications SIG to your ASI shopping cart and putting your affiliation or indexng society or societies in the comments field at checkout:

For all members, our SIG ties in with the ASI SIG membership list. This information is for both our SIG records and for the online membership directory.

Affiliate Society Membership

If person is in one or more indexing societies other than ASI, join via affiliate SIG membership form. Member should add at least one but preferably all their societies to comments field in checkout.

Update ASI SIG Profile After Membership Renewed

Once you have registered please login to by clicking on Join/Renew and using username and password provided by Once logged in, update your address and profile as order form does not transfer data to your profile. Non-ASI members will only be able to update their profile. ASI members will have full access to site.

All members should login into membership form below to update their affiliation as it does not come across from registration.

Login to to update profile as ASI SIG order data does not come across to profile. This aids imports from ASI to Digital Publications Indexing SIG.

Member Profile Update

Current members may update their member profile which displays on the Member Directory page at any time. Use your e-mail address and password to log in below:


This is the same form as the initial application, but please update your existing record, rather than filling out a complete new form. You may change any information except your e-mail address this way. If you need to change your e-mail address (which is the identifying field in the member database), you must contact or .

If you have forgotten your password, go to Forgot Password or request a new one be automatically sent to you by contacting the .

Contract Indexer Enrollment and Updates

At any time you may also choose to add or update your listing in the Contract Indexer Search database. Using your membership email and password login and complete the form below:


Once activated, it will appear in Contract Indexer Directory. If you wish to remove it, contact the SIG Manager with your email address.

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