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Digital Publications Indexing SIG, a Special Interest Group of the American Society for Indexing

Resources: Podcasts, eBooks and Videos

Digital Publications Indexing SIG Podcasts, eBooks and Videos

The Digital Publications Indexing SIG broadcasts Podcasts, eBooks and Videos by its members or related groups or individuals. To play MP3, you will need Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player or an MP3 player on your PC, phone, iPod or tablet. You can download the MP3 or eBook or play them in your browser.

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Bartlett's Familiar Quotations App

A huge task of mixing indexing and taxonomy and wireframe design was accomplished to create a very creative eBook with Quoto and integration with Facebook, Twitter and email. Demo and seminar are below.

UK Libraries New WiFi Hotspots

From 2010-2016, 8000 paid library staff were lost (25% decrease) and replaced by 15542 volunteers (98% increase). Net 525 libraries were closed (= 343 closed + 232 transferred to community groups - 50 new libraries; 111 proposed closures) (12%) because they lost funds from UK Government. Scotland lost least paid staff (3%), England worst (28%). To survive, they need to modernize and provide free wifi to deliver more ebooks. Many more readers in UK will be reading ebooks via smartphone or tablet with so many closures.

X-Ray vs Index

In an article by Jan Wright entitled The devil is in the details: indexes versus Amazon's X-Ray, The Indexer 30(1):6-10, March 2012, Society of Indexers, UK, she points out the poor synonym detection of X-Ray. X-Ray did not pick that Buffalo Bill and William Cody were the same person.

Dwight Walker, Webmaster of Digital Publications Indexing SIG, suggests using an index and X-Ray or having a search engine algorithm that uses terms chosen by an indexer. He was sadly misled as X-Ray is created by low-end contract workers with little index experience purely for expedience of Amazon publishing service.

Indexing in ebooks lacking

Many ebooks like Kindle have no table of contents or keyword index only search and bookmarking. These need to be retrofitted.

Reading Bookshout! Catholic Q&A eBook

I read the ebook on my Firefox 16 browser on Linux and also in Google Play Bookshout! app:

  1. setup ebook on your bookshelf:
    go to:
    enter coupon OSVCAQ (by Sep 30, 2016)
    register account or use Facebook to register
    I used my email address and created a password as did not want to share my friends list on Facebook with Bookshout! site.
    This will add the ebook to your bookshelf in your profile.

  2. read ebook on your bookshelf:
    a) in browser login to
    read ebook online
    b) go to Apple iTunes or Google Play on smartphone or tablet
    search for and install Bookshout app
    login and read ebook on your bookshelf setup above either on device or in cloud

Bookshout! app is more elegant than browser reader but browser reader takes less setup.

Each Q&A is over several pages so use left and right arrows to page through.

At bottom of each Q&A, the previous/next do not work and are for display purposes only but in real EPUB ebook from Catholic Questions they link to previous/next on same theme.

397 seth maislinpresentation from Society for Scholarly Publishing
Models & Tags: Building User-Focused Content Models That Actually Work from Seth Maislin
The Business Value of Metrics Driven Information Governance from Earley Information Science

Embase medical thesaurus for indexers

TitleAuthorPublisherDateLanguageDurationFormatSystemPrice (USD)
Newcomers: A selection of articles for those new to indexing
howto: Producing an eBook - How hard can it be?" by James Lamb
Glenda Browne, Sylvia Coates, Joel S. Berson, Rohan Bolton, Jochen Fassbender, Jill Halliday, Michele Combs, Hilary Faulkner, Ann Hudson, Maureen MacGlashan (Editor)Society of Indexers27 Oct 2012English244 pagesKindle, HTML5Any£9.37
How to use the Science Citation Index Parts 1 to 3
Eugene GarfieldISI1967English10:30, 10:30, 10:30HTML5Any$0.00
Smart Content for Health: Harnessing the Power of Medical Taxonomy to Build Clinically Intelligent Applications
Thane KernerSociety for Scholarly Publishing6 Feb 2013English16:04HTML5Any$0.00
How to create an ebook: 1890s Annandale: a short walk
Marghanita da CruzRamin Communications; Lightning Talks @ SLUG (Sydney Linux User Group)29 Jul 2011English0:00-6:19HTML5, EPUB, Kindle, Lulu, Barnes and NobleAny$0.00
Catholic Q&AFather Ray Ryland, Indexer Doug LowryOur Sunday Visitor Publishing Division2004-2014EnglishSep 30, 2016 coupon OSVCQABookshout!Browser, Apple iTunes and Google Play BookShout! app$0.00
Catholic Q&A with search engineFather Ray Ryland, Indexer Doug LowryOur Sunday Visitor Publishing Division2004-2014EnglishEPUBBrowser, Apple iTunes and Google Play EPUB Reader or simlar app$9.99 full ebook or $0.00 for free sample
Caboolture Herald etcQuest NewspapersQuest NewspapersSep 2015-EnglishAluratek Libre, Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, COOL-ER, enTourage eDGe, iRex, Kobo eReader, NUUT, Sony eReaderBrowser, eBook Reader, PressReader$0.00
Accidental Taxonomist reviewHeather HeddenDAM (Digital Assets Management) BlogDec 2010English6:16MP3Any$0.00
Biography of Paul Otlet (Alle Kennis van de Wereld) (Belgian Information Scientist)W Boyd RaywardNoorederlicht for Dutch TV1998English and French23:20MPEG4, Ogg, MPEG2Any$0.00
Book makers: IndexersMary Russell, ANZSIABC Radio National Book Show18 May 2010English14:49MP3Any$0.00
Breaking the Page: Transforming Books and the Reading Experience: Preview EditionPeter MeyersO'Reilly Media5 Dec 2011EnglishkindleAny$0.00
The IndexerMaureen MacGlashan (ed)Society of IndexersApril 2006-EnglishPDF, HTMLAny$23.00/issue
State of the Textbook Indexing WorldSeth MaislinText and Academic Authors Association on blogtalkradio25 Aug 2010English29:27MP3Any$0.00
Website Indexes: visitors to content in two clicksJames A LambLulu Enterprises, Inc.April 2007EnglishiBooksiOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod$13.99
British Newspaper ArchiveBrightsolid and British Library1710-EnglishPDFAnyfrom £6.95 GBP/2 days
Internet ArchiveAmerican Libraries, Canadian Libraries, Universal Library, Community Texts, Project Gutenberg, Biodiversity Heritage Library, Children's Library, Additional Collections1900-EnglishEPUB, KindleEPUBReader, Kindle$0.00
Many BooksMany Books1900-EnglishEPUB, eReader, Fiction Book 2, HTML, iPod Notes, iSilo, Kindle, Mobipocket, MS lit, Newton, PalmDOC, PDF, Plain text, Plucker, Rocketbook, RTF, Sony Reader, TCR, zTXT, JARRelevant Reader$0.00
Open LibraryOpen Library1900-EnglishPDF, Plain text, DAISY, ePub, DjVu, MOBI, KindleRelevant Reader$0.00
Popular ClassicsAmazon1900-EnglishKindleKindle$0.00
Project GutenbergGreg Newbyibiblio.org1900-EnglishHTML, EPUB, Kindle, Plucker, QiOO Mobile, Plain textRelevant Reader$0.00
TroveNational Library of Australia1800-EnglishHTMLAny$0.00
Amazon Kindle X-Ray Demo
Laptop MagazineLaptop Magazine28 Sep 2011English2:55HTML5Any$0.00
Words, Meaning, Context: Building an App from Bartlett's Familiar Quotations [Webinar]
Earley and AssociatesEarley and Associates9 Jan 2013English59:57HTML5Any$0.00
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations App
Hachette Book GroupHachette Book Group9 Nov 2012English3:18HTML5Any$0.00
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations AppBartlettHachette Book Group7 Nov 2012English?eBookiOS, Android, Nook?
Ebook indexing review
Jan WrightO'Reilly Media: Tools of Change for Publishing Conference 201226 Aug 2011English4:23HTML5Any$0.00
We don't need indexes in ebooks, right?
Kevin BroccoliO'Reilly Media: Tools of Change for Publishing Conference - IndexerMasher.com21 Mar 2012English14:48HTML5Any$0.00
Australian Plant Name Index (APNI)Australian National Botanic GardensAustralian National Botanic Gardens1991-2003EnglishHTML, imagesAny$0.00
Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)1000-Englishvariousimages, videos, HTMLAny$0.00
eGold: Electronic Encyclopedia of Gold in Australia - a Nation's HeritageAustralian Dept of the Environment and Water Sources, Heritage Victoria, Heritage Council, University of Melbourne, Parks VictoriaAustralian Dept of the Environment and Water Sources, Heritage Victoria, Heritage Council, University of Melbourne, Parks Victoria1850-EnglishHTML, imagesAny$0.00
Electronic Plant Information Centre (ePIC)Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew UKRoyal Botanic Gardens, Kew UK1700-Englishdatabase, images (HTML)Any$0.00
Flickr: The CommonsUS, Australian, Irish and UK public librariesFlickr1800s-EnglishPhotostream (JPEG)Any$0.00
Free eBooks: the ultimate guideFree Book NotesFree Book NotesEnglishAny$0.00
Pandora ArchiveNational Library of AustraliaNational Library of Australia1996-EnglishHTMLAny$0.00
ScOT (Schools Online Thesaurus)Education Services AustraliaEducation Services Australia2000-Englishdatabase, HTMLAny$0.00
Victorian Heritage DatabaseHeritage Council VictoriaHeritage Council Victoria1850-Englishdatabase, pictures (JPEG)Any$0.00
IEEE JournalsIEEE XploreIEEE Xplore1900-EnglishPDF, HTML, JPEGAny$0.00
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