New Website

This new website of the Digital Publications Indexing SIG launched on September 1. There are several improved features of the new website:

  • Modern design style – If our SIG is to represent the cutting-edge technologies in indexing, our website should also have an up-to-date look. The previous website was designed in 2005.
  • Mobile device compatibility – Our members create indexes to ebooks read on ereaders and other tablet-sized devices, so our website should also be optimized for navigating on tablets and mobile phones.
  • All-new content and navigation – Creating a new site from scratch, rather than updating the old one, enabled the focus of the SIG on the content that matters for embedded and ebook indexing, and to a much lesser extent web indexing. Outdated or irrelevant content has not been inadvertently retained.
  • Simple updating – The WordPress platforms enables easy web page editing by account holders, so webmasters don’t need any special software or skills, and thus any members can volunteer for a stint of being webmaster and learn some basic WordPress editing.
  • Blog feature – The WordPress platform also includes a blog post feature, which can conveniently be used for updates, such as this post about the new website.

Check back soon, as more content will still be added.

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