Embedded Indexing Resources

Document preparation/publishing software with embedded indexing features:
Third-party add-on utilities providing expanded indexing functionality for many of these packages are listed in the Software tools for facilitated embedded indexing section on this page.

  • FrameMaker (Adobe) – excels in text-based page layout/design. Used to write and publish long technical documents such as instructions or manuals. Current versions are subscription based only.
  • InDesign (Adobe)– is widely used for large-scale print and digital media projects, handling graphics and sophisticated formatting styles. Current versions are subscription based only.
  • LaTeX – is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting that includes features designed for the production of mostly technical and scientific documentation. It is available as a free software license.
  • Word (Microsoft) – is a widely used word processing program and text editor. Most recent versions are available for purchase only as part of the Office suite of products.

Software tools for facilitating embedded indexing:

  • DEXembed – Microsoft Word add-in to embed indexes, created in CINDEX, SKY Index, or MACREX into Word or DocBook XML.
  • DEXter – Microsoft Word add-in to embed indexes directly in Word documents.
  • InDesignConverter – Saves Word documents as InDesign tag files, also allowing the import of Word index entries into InDesign.
  • IndeXExploit – add-in for Microsoft Word users wanting to use embedded index entries to find information fast, and for professional indexers and others wanting to create and debug embedded indexes.
  • Index-Manager – Dedicated indexing software which creates embedded index entries in Word, InDesign, or XML files.
  • IXGen – Indexing and marker management productivity tool for FrameMaker.
  • IXMLembedder – Embeds index entries created in CINDEX and certain versions of SKY Index into Word documents, InDesign documents, and tagged XML files. (currently unavailable)
  • Kerntiff Publishing Systems IndexUtilities – A collection of scripts and plugins that help embed index markers in InDesign.
  • TExtract – semi-automated indexing software, which includes a Word embedding option.
  • WordEmbed  – Converts an index created in CINDEX, SKY Index, or Macrex into a Word embedded index.

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