Terry Casey and Jim Fuhr at Chicago/Great Lakes Fall workshop

The Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter’s Fall 2018 workshop includes two sessions that might be of special interest to members of the Digital Publications Indexing SIG:

Terry Casey on “How to be the interface between Publishers and Digital Indexing Techniques”

  • Terry will discuss how to communicate with publishers and others about including indexes for digital publications. Why should you bring this up with them? She will discuss what questions to ask when getting started with a publisher, and a very good workflow on possible ways to deliver embedded indexes for different files and software.

Jim Fuhr on “CUP/XML WordEmbed: One of the Best-Kept Secrets in Indexing”

  • Since the inception in 2004 of James Lamb’s CUP/XML WordEmbed, significant numbers of major publishers and university presses have incorporated this program into their publishing systems. Yet the program is apparently being used by a relatively limited number of indexers, and others are not yet familiar with it. Jim will offer a demonstration and will discuss the features, advantages, and some of the issues surrounding this program, one of whose attributes is the ease of its use compared with other embedded indexing systems.

Both of these presentations will be on Saturday, October 27, along with sessions by Fred Leise and Chicago librarian Matt Rutherford. On Friday, October 26, Enid Zafran will present a full-day workshop on “Indexing Names.” The location of the workshop is the Hilton Garden Inn O’Hare in Des Plaines, Illinois.

All the information about this event is on the Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter website: http://www.chicagogreatlakesindexers.org


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