DPI SIG seeks two volunteers

Jan Wright has been filling in as both the DPI SIG manager and the membership coordinator for the last number of years, and she is no longer able to continue in this role. The SIG is in need of two volunteers for these positions.

The manager works with ASI’s SIG manager, watches over financial reports, plans some activities and events, tries to have a presence at annual conferences, is a voice for digital indexing, and advises the webmasters about  keeping information fresh on the SIG’s website.

The membership coordinator receives monthly lists of our members and maintains the email addresses for this listserv. Once a month the coordinator adds and removes members according to the list, manages the emails at google groups, and communicates with the webmasters, who update the membership directory.

In order to be in the official positions in the SIG, ASI requires you to be a member of ASI, and not one of the other societies.

If you would like to help out, please contact Jan at janwright@gmail.com, and let her know which position you would like to volunteer for.

Thank you for considering this serious need. If there are not volunteers to fill these roles, the DPI SIG will not be able to continue.

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